• Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to sell prison badges as NFT

  • Former President Donald Trump’s personal adviser Michael Cohen is auctioning off his prison badge as an NFT. he recently completed a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations. Now, he’s back in the spotlight for bringing “art, technology and politics together.”

    Cohen served as Trump’s lawyer from 2006-2018 and as a vice president of the Trump Organization. Over the years, he earned the nickname: Trump’s handlers. Trouble in paradise began when he pleaded guilty on Aug. 21, 2018, to eight counts, including campaign finance violations, tax fraud and bank fraud. In addition to serving time and paying fines, the New York Supreme Court disbarred him.

    To this day, he maintains that he broke the law at Trump’s direction, “primarily to influence” the 2016 presidential election. Due to concerns about COVID-19, the government granted him early release to serve out his sentence at home in May 2020.

    Michael Cohen’s Politics NFT

    Cohen is working with ArtGrails on an NFT series related to his time in prison. It features a handwritten copy of his memoir “Infidelity.” There is also a video of him writing various pages of the book and his prison badge while in federal prison in Otisville, New York.

    “So far, most politicians have shied away from the NFT – but you’ll see it become more and more common in politics,” ArtGrails founder Avery Anton told the outlet.

    Cohen is also confident that the NFT series will resonate with the general public. “Our goal is to create a political NFT scene that is obviously historically relevant,” he asserted. In a recent interview, he added that he’s looking forward to rebuilding his life, one client at a time.

    After being officially released last month, Cohen has moved to embrace NFT technology. The first NFTs from his collection will be available starting December 3. Meanwhile, his prison ID badge NFT will go live on Dec. 12.

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