• Unique interactive puzzles NFT used to launch Zero Contact

  • Vuele, a global platform for watching and collecting exclusive NFT content, recently released the trailer for its latest feature film, Ground Zero. The film stars Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, and it was made entirely virtually in 17 different locations.

    The film will be released through several NFT drops, but with a twist. The team behind the release has come up with a clever and innovative way to use NFTs in the form of an interactive puzzle. there will be multiple tiers of product with a total of 27,511 NFTs. the first two versions of Zero Contact NFTs will be available exclusively on OpenSea, along with 1 NFT for Zero Contact Platinum and 10 NFTs for Zero Contact Elite.

    The Zero Contact Platinum Edition NFT is an original generator designed by popular cryptocurrency artists REMO and DCsan. It is a 1-for-1 NFT map showing the first steps in discovering the Zero Contact Universe Key. The map will update in real time as each clue is solved using the Elite NFT. Each NFT in the Elite version has its own clues embedded in it. If one of the clues cannot be solved, the large map shown on the Platinum Edition NFT will never be completed and the jackpot will be locked in the Zero Contact Universe forever.

    Holders of the Platinum and Elite editions will receive a variety of benefits such as a tour of the Zero Contact universe scenes, signed movie posters and more. The price drop will take place at OpenSea on September 24 at 12pm Eastern. Bidding for the Platinum Edition will open by 7 p.m. ET on September 28, and for the Elite Edition by 7 p.m. ET on September 29.

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