• Wolf Valley Entertainment Steps Into NFT Market for the First Time, Partners with QPP Digital Backpack to Launch Live Master Digital Collection Fan Passes

  • Wolf Valley Entertainment Co. has teamed up with QPP Digital Backpack to launch the Wolf Valley Entertainment Live Master Digital Collection Fan Pass on November 23rd, using blockchain technology to provide fans with a unique virtual asset collection experience.

    Wolf Valley Entertainment, which has been committed to developing a comprehensive entertainment industry chain for many years, said that after launching its own TV station, Wolf Valley Yule Station, as well as pan-entertainment service content such as Netflix artist agents and entertainment competitions, it has ventured into ACG culture, injecting fresh blood into the Taiwanese Vtuber scene through the virtual YouTuber “Beaver”.

    In order to promote the concept of combining the virtual with the real, Wolf Valley Entertainment officially entered the NFT market with the launch of a digital fan card, which uses a unique token generated by blockchain technology to allow the owner of the fan card to authenticate its ownership.

    As the first NFT asset issued by Wolf Valley Entertainment, it has long-term collectible value and historical significance. In the future, Wolf Valley fans holding digital fan cards will have the opportunity to participate in various activities launched by Wolf Valley Entertainment from time to time with the cards and receive rich virtual and physical rewards.

    Wolf Valley Entertainment will continue to deepen its cooperation with QPP Digital Backpack, and in the future, it will not only certify fans of Wolf Valley Entertainment’s live broadcast hosts, but also assist major Taiwanese e-sports teams or net artists to establish digital asset certificates.

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