• Doll Sister enters metaverse with first NFT offer up to $150k

  • The long-quiet Doll Sister has suddenly taken to Twitter to officially announce that she is working on her own NFT project.

    This comes after Yuya Mikami made an NFT of herself in a large scale photo with the opportunity to have dinner with herself for sale.

    It seems that NFT has become a supernumerary battlefield in the dark world.

    But in contrast to all the teachers known to the neon world, Doll Sister’s NFT this time is neither a portrait nor a video, but her hand-drawn pixel-style avatar.

    Doll Sister is really playing around with her cute persona to understand. It’s easy to see that these pixel style avatars will correspond to each of Sister Doll’s movies. The first special Christmas-themed avatar to be released is soon to go on sale for 5.21 Ether or nearly 15w RMB.

    However, Doll Sister says that the Christmas Special themed avatars will be given as a fan benefit to the good guys who like it as a “lead-in”.

    This wave of Doll Sister is indeed atmospheric. Now a Girlfriend of the Week series of avatars has also been created, and although no one has bid on them for now, Doll Sister has said on social media that the series will be released in nearly 20 models.

    If the current level of bidding, this series of avatars will bring nearly 300w to Doll Sister.

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