• Toy companies Hasbro, Funko and Mattel cite WAX as a reliable partner

  • William Quigley was into baseball cards when he was a teenager. As the founder of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), you might think Quigley’s crowning achievement might have been striking a deal with Topps Baseball Cards so WAX could manage and create the NFT with MLB.

    However, Quigley has added a huge feather to his cap as WAX recently completed a rare “hat trick” by becoming the official NFT partner of the toy industry’s “Big Three” – Funko, Hasbro and Mattel.

    A partner to many of the

    WAX is already a trusted partner for many, working with well-known IPs including “SAW,” “Princess Bride,” and “The Princess Bride,” and has done multiple large-scale NFT placements for Topps (with more planned), Capcom, and others; but with this week’s upcoming Mattel Hot Wheels NFT garage series, WAX completes a trifecta of successful partnerships with Funko and Hasbro earlier this year.

    “As we innovate in the NFT space,” said WAX CEO William Quigley, “WAX continues to align itself with incredibly iconic brands.” Being commissioned by the “Big Three” of the toy industry is not only gratifying, but validates what WAX is trying to do as a company.”

    Available for a limited time exclusively through Hasbro Pulse, Hasbro Pulse’s Power Rangers NFT drop collection features the iconic franchise that first swept the American airwaves in the 1990s.Hasbro Pulse premium members can purchase the collection while supplies last. Fans are able to expand their collection with Power Rangers NFTs, which are uniquely traded through the blockchain and can be redeemed for special edition Dino Megazord.

    The sensational NFTs

    Perhaps one of WAX’s most prolific partnerships lies in their association with Funko, who have been very active in the NFT scene lately with the release of their Iron Maiden Digital POP series, the first band to exist as a Digital POP character.

    Funko’s Iron Maiden Digital Pop! NFT series features the iconic “Eddie”, who has appeared on all of the band’s album covers throughout their career.

    The company recently released their Digital Pop! collection, based on the iconic character Big Boy. The fast food icon has chubby cheeks and plaid overalls. With the celebrated history of Big Boy’s life as a bobblehead, Big Boy’s digital adventures became a WAX feature.

    The smash hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) series began in 1987 and became an instant hit – inspiring numerous comics, movies and cartoons.34 years later, Funko and TokenHead bring these “heroes in a half shell” to life in the Digital Pop! series on the WAX block.

    Then came the Mattel series. In this release, over 5,000 NFTs can be redeemed for real-life special edition die-cast cars as part of this vIRLs (Virtual + Real Life) series. Some of the tokens will unlock real-world Hot Wheels products, including Twin Mill, Rodger Dodger, Mach Speeder, SS Camaro and Bone Shaker – the rarest of them all.

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