• Wanaka Farms (WANA): 46% Up in 7 Days for NFT Gaming Tokens

  • As NFTs continue to gain popularity around the world, Wanaka Farm (WANA), a new NFT gaming token has become the talk of the town. In addition to the alluring features of the Wanaka Farm platform, the soaring value of the WANA token has attracted investors who are eyeing new token investments for fear of being left behind when the future takes off.

    What is the Wanaka Farms (WANA) token?

    Wanaka Farm (WANA) Token is the native token for Wanaka Farm, an NFT blockchain-based game named after the town of Wanaka, New Zealand. Everything within the game is set up to reflect the beautiful environment of Wanaka, including the mountains, lakes and forests.

    Wanaka Farm uses an earn-while-you-play model where gamers earn WANA tokens while playing the game.

    Players immerse themselves in the role of happy farmers, tilling the land, growing crops, raising pets, and decorating their virtual land with in-game items purchased from the WanaShop.

    Players can use WANA tokens to buy and sell farm harvests, including crops and livestock, as well as farm inputs, such as seeds and livestock, and in-game items to decorate the virtual land in the form of NFTs in the Trading Market.

    Where can I buy Wanaka Farm (WANA)?


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    Should I buy coins from Wanaka Farms (WANA)?

    If you want to invest in an NFT blockchain gaming project token, then Wanaka Farm (WANA) is a good choice, especially now that it is in a bullish trend.

    Nevertheless, you should be aware that the market for buying cryptocurrencies is very volatile.

    WANA Price Forecast

    WANA’s price is expected to continue to rise in the future after widespread hype around the world about NFT.

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