• Decorate your sandbox LANDs with Japanese folklore NFTs

  • Sandbox brings the magic of Japanese summer festivals into the meta-space. As part of the Creator’s Fund, 18 Japanese artists have joined forces to create the Mystic Festival series, an ode to the Bon dance (a style of dance that welcomes the dead) held each summer as an expression of gratitude for the mysterious and sacred power of floating.

    There will be 16 NFTs for sale on the Sandbox Marketplace, 4 bundles of NFTs on OpenSea, and a further 81 NFTs making up a majestic world full of various elements that can be placed on LAND for an Eastern and Japanese atmosphere. This gives landowners the opportunity to have a ready-made experience to release and profit on their land.

    These 81 NFTs will be up for auction at OpenSea for 24 hours starting August 20th at 1pm UTC.

    Many of these assets are also lit with neon lights and can be used not only for realistic games, but also for party scenes, cyber fantasy and sci-fi worlds. Deeply rooted in Japanese folklore, the NFTs in this series have a shockingly mysterious feel.

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