• Transported to the Cyberpunk Soviet Union with the art of Dmitry Rogozhkin. Coming up for auction on NFT STARS

  • The series is inspired by the plot of the legendary video game Cyberpunk 2077, and shows the artist’s interpretation of that plot if the events took place in some future Soviet Union.

    Australian NFT marketplace NFT STARS presents a new body of work by award-winning art photographer – Dmitry Rogozhkin. The work will force you to question your perception of reality, it will immerse you in an alternate reality where people have made impressive technological advances but have failed to achieve social equality. The series will go live on NFT STARS on August 12 at 10:00 UTC.

    If Cyberpunk 2077 took place in a future Soviet Union

    The series is inspired by the plot of the legendary video game Cyberpunk 2077 and shows the artist’s interpretation of that plot if the events were to take place in some future Soviet Union. In this alternate version of reality created by Dmitry, human culture is in decline under the impact of technological advances. More specifically, the group depicts the rise of an underground medical and body modification industry.

    Soviet citizens are struggling to keep up with modern innovations, fitting cyber implants and prosthetics. But while the technology industry has made great leaps forward, society suffers from unprecedented inequality. Healthcare had become a luxury, accessible only to the upper classes. Lacking alternatives, the general population has gone underground, both literally and metaphorically, to undergo illegal surgeries and entrust their health to underground cyber-surgeons.

    The series includes three works of art.” Cyberpunk USSR, Cyberpunk Russia, and Cyberpunk Surgeon. All three pieces will go live on the NFT STARS Marketplace on August 12 at 10:00 UTC. Cyberpunk USSR is a collage highlighting every little aspect of underground cyberware installation surgery. It will be auctioned off with a starting bid of 0.9 ETH. ‘Cyberpunk Russia ‘ and ‘Cyberpunk Surgeon’ will be sold as 10 copies of each piece at 0.1 ETH each.

    An artistic photographer who makes you question your perception of reality

    Dmitry Rogozhkin is an art photographer with a unique view of the world around us. Using available resources and some special techniques, Dmitry creates an alternative reality with each of his works. The line between imagination and the real world is so thin that it is hard to believe that it is not graphic.

    Dmitry’s unique style and approach to photography has been recognized by several international organizations.Dmitry Rogozhkin was named one of the top 10 photographers at the Hasselblad Masters in 2018. He won a gold medal in the 2015 Varna Photographic Society of America’s International Competition and a second prize in the HIPA International Competition.

    About NFT STARS

    NFT STARS is an Australian NFT marketplace launching in June 2021. The platform represents a select group of artists and spoils them with airless minting, assistance with marketing campaigns and many other products and services. In the future, the marketplace plans to expand its ecosystem to include Avalanche, BSC, Polygon and more, with a number of new services.

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