• Win rewards with PlayDapp’s new NFT merge feature

  • PlayDapp’s new merge feature is finally live, with the chance to win epic rewards in any of the three merge events. The merge feature will also be completely free in the early days when the supported NFT categories are still under construction.

    By merging, you’ll be able to upgrade your PlayDapp NFTs, increase their value, as well as earn some exciting rewards. This feature is designed to help create greater interoperability within the PlayDapp ecosystem.

    Merging will make your NFTs more valuable, especially your Play Dapp Town NFTs, which have a rare rating, so you will be able to upgrade them to a higher rating.The higher the rating of the NFT, the more rewarding it will be in the case of interoperability.

    There are now two merge functions, standard merge and event merge. The standard function requires six lower level NFTs which are merged to create a higher level NFT. for example, six R level PLAYZ NFTs can become one SR level PLAYZ NFT.

    If you don’t have the full set of six PLAYZ NFTs, there is also a “Joker” system that allows players to use Dragon’s Blood (DRGNZ NFT) in place of any R-ranked NFTs.

    The Event Merge feature is a time-limited event where you will be able to merge any two R-rated NFTs for a special bonus. Full details of the three different events can be found here, and you can win free $PLA for participating in any merged event!

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