• Rock the Metaverse with the Somnium Space Hologram feature

  • With the introduction of holograms into Somnium Space, performers of all types have received a huge boost. No longer do performers have to perform their shows in a standard incarnation. Now, for better or worse, they can appear in person.

    Anyone who needs to be more expressive in their performance can choose to teleport themselves directly into any package. With just a webcam and optional green screen, they can illuminate the entire universe with their true identity.

    With this new tool, musicians can perform complex renditions, comedians can express emotion, and audiences can rest assured that what they’re seeing is not pre-recorded. To get these features up and running, just fire up the webcam and click the hologram button. Simple.

    Now you can emote, gesture and act in Somnium Space like never before. And, with this brilliant new feature, who knows who will show up. Plus, if the whole body experience isn’t to your liking, users can tap the webcam icon to project their face directly onto the avatar. How cool is that.

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