• Planting seedlings with carbon offset vIRL® NFT on WAX

  • WAX is joining the movement to help the environment through the power of blockchain and NFTs. Their newest line, called Carbon Offset vIRL®, will help reduce carbon footprints.

    Participants can purchase as many vIRLs® as they want and then compost (redeem) them at any time. For every $1 composted, the NFT will plant a sapling, which will offset an average of 1 ton of CO2 over the lifetime of each tree. When NFTs are composted, they no longer exist and more packages can be purchased at any time.

    There will be a total of 30 wacky variations of this series. There will be four pack sizes, five tree designs, and six rares. Each card has its own assigned dollar value, representing the number of trees to be planted when composting. They’re also fully tradable like the other NFTs, so you can buy, sell, and trade them.

    The “Get Planted” pack costs $19.99, “Be Greener” is $49.99, “Think Big” is $149.99, and “Save the Planet” is $199.99. Each pack comes with a different number of seedlings, sprouts and saplings. It is an unlimited collection, so users can purchase as many packs as they want and use them whenever they want.

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