• Moby Dick based on 14-year-old Abigail’s record NFT sale in Solana

  • Twelve-year-old artist Benyamin Ahmed is also dipping his toe into NFT poetry.

    Approximately $435,000 worth of NFT was sold through the Solana network.

    Five years ago, kids couldn’t have dreamed that their random art might be used for anything other than schoolwork. However, things have changed. Teenagers are particularly attractive to digital art collectors. As a result, millions of dollars have been made from the sale of non-wind tokens.

    Abigail, also known in the digital art world as “PeachSunday,” is one such young person who has reason to cheer. The 14-year-old, who is in her first year of high school, sold about $435,000 worth of NFTs through the Solana network.

    In addition, her “Belugies” were posted on Alpha Art. an NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and trade Solana-based NFTs for free.In addition, the top NFTs sell for 300 SOL, 299 SOL, 125 SOL, 100 SOL, and 75 SOL.The average selling price for a white Belugie (7,980 characters) is 1.81 SOL.

    Abigail claims that the artwork is motivated by her passion for animals, creativity and marine life. In particular, the endangered beluga whale.

    After the integration of the contract. Successful purchasers will see their beluga whale paintings on the Phantom Wallet app and Solana Marketplace.

    Ten percent goes to charity

    Abigail intends to donate 10% of profits from primary and secondary NFT sales to various Moby Dick groups. And also to the Sunshine Children’s Foundation, a children’s hospital program (10%).

    Twelve-year-old artist Benyamin Ahmed is also dipping into NFT’s poetry. The teenage programmer started his project as an educational effort, earning over 1,800 ETH (about $6,773,130) from his collection called Weird Whales.

    The introduction of digital art and smart contracts has changed the way artists compete for this lucrative industry. Despite claims that 90% of NFTs are worthless, the recent rush by giant exchanges such as Coinbase to build an NFT marketplace paints a different picture.Twitter, Tiktok and Visa have shown interest in the space, suggesting a promising future.

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