• Bacera Bank launches banking industry’s first NFT digital collectibles collection

  • Bacera Bank launches “4 in love” 4th anniversary digital collectible series, creating a virtual IP with a sense of technology and fashion by simultaneously launching the secondary image of “AI Virtual Brand Officer”.This collectible is issued based on blockchain technology and is unique, the first NFT digital series in the banking industry owned by Bacera Bank.

    As a native digital inclusive bank, Bacera Bank has been developing in several directions since its birth, including digital innovation, brand rejuvenation, and product value delivery, and has been conducting brand dialogues with young users through virtual digital people, short videos, live streaming and other means. The virtual IP released this time places more emphasis on youthfulness and fashion, with the parent brand logo on its body, triggering user resonance. Bacera Bank will also release a surreal digital person in the near future, a super AI digital employee that truly breaks the next-dimensional wall.

    Chen Longqiang, Chief Strategy Officer of Bacera Bank, said, “The release of this digital series is our attempt to embrace the meta-universe. In the future, the way banks interact with customers, the way they provide products and services, and even the shape of the bank could change significantly.” AI digital people, immersive experiences and blockchain-based digital assets are the directions we are most focused on, with results to be announced gradually in the near future.”

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