• Real Madrid and LAVA to launch smart ticketing NFT experience on Flow

  • The Smart Ticket NFT concept will allow Real Madrid to take the fan experience to a higher level.

    LAVA, the next generation real-time API software platform, has licensed Real Madrid Football Club to distribute Smart Ticket NFT assets on Flow. These tickets can be collected and exchanged by fans around the world.

    The inaugural launch of Smart Tickets NFT took place at the match against Sheriff Tiraspol at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.NFT helps specific groups of fans and partners collect exciting rewards on their digital Smart Tickets. Fans can later redeem the digital currency for exclusive digital items curated especially for the event.

    While this is true, everyone knows that Real Madrid enjoys a huge audience and reach. The club’s fan base is impeccable and it is able to generate an international community of around 600 million people. The non-convertible tokens will allow the club to reach many fans outside of the football stadium.

    Commenting on the recent announcement, Real Madrid’s Chief Transformation Officer Michael Sutherland said that this will give fans the ability to invest in themselves and collect unique digital items that have huge significance in the digital space. He also noted that utilizing NFTs allows the club to build and curate a new experience for fans who otherwise have limited resources to connect with the club. All in all, Sutherland asserted that the recent move has bridged the gap between the online and offline experience of the game.

    With a real-time brand API for customer engagement in the modern economy, LAVA believes in empowering and shifting the focus of social networks back to brands.LAVA’s CEO, Wen Miao, claims that the idea of smart ticketing NFT will allow Real Madrid to take the fan experience to an altogether higher level, bringing new opportunities for you to be in your neighbourhood, your favourite store and your favourite restaurant.Miao adds that as brands are always looking for a better way to engage and connect with their audience, LAVA has been instrumental in shifting control back to the brand through this smart ticketing NFT.

    While the smart ticket is powered by LAVA, it is being launched on Flow, a blockchain created for next-generation apps and games. The network was created to make the process of creating user-friendly apps easier. flow already supports a diverse and expensive ecosystem of top entertainment brands, development studios, and venture-backed startups. Some of the blockchain’s notable ecosystem partners include global IP brands such as Warner Music, Ubisoft and the NBA.

    Mickey Maher, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Dapper Labs, commented on the partnership, “This is an innovative way to bring new experiences to sports fans.

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