• Shanda Games partners with 888 New World

  • Gala Games and 888 The New World have announced an exciting new partnership that will see it come up with initiatives that will bring digital asset ownership to collectors, players and engineers around the world.

    888 The New World (TNW) is a new CryptoArt platform founded by well-known NFT collector “888”. The platform aims to bring an equitable commission model and curation process to emerging and established artists and give everyone the opportunity to succeed in the exciting and evolving world of NFT.

    The partnership with Gala Games will allow artists in the 888 TNW community to create game assets outside of their traditional medium. While the platform will accept a variety of cryptocurrencies, collectors will also be rewarded for their use of GALA.

    Dafabet believes that this partnership will provide tremendous opportunities for artists and collectors alike, and stated.” Gala Games is the perfect partner for us. Like the artists, the gamers see the power and possibilities that the blockchain will unleash. By linking our companies together, we can give people around the world more control, access and ownership. Together, we can ignite a digital revolution and lay the foundation for a new world. This is about changing lives at a very fundamental level.”

    The partnership between NFT Games and NFT Arts is certainly a smart move in an industry that is highly competitive and constantly hungry for innovation. Blockchain gaming is already on the rise and will no doubt play a key role in the mainstream adoption of NFT, so we can expect some incredible collaborations between these two creative worlds.

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