• Kobe Bryant’s Legacy Website Launches Charity NFT

  • KB24, the sports star’s former website, has launched a Kobe inspired art collection as NFTs for charity.

    The new owner of KB24 announced a 10-step roadmap for a digital NFT project to honor the basketball star. Within 48 hours of the announcement, the site received over 7,000 auction pre-orders. There will be 10,000 non-counterfeitable tokens showcasing great moments and accomplishments from Bryant’s career.

    The roadmap includes an airdrop of NFTs to early access fans and adopters, an art reveal, and various giveaways.

    Originally, the site launched in 2006 as Kobe’s personal website as a way for fans to connect with the star. By 2016, however, after he retired from the NBA, the site changed hands several times. It is now controlled by the KB24 project, which is made up of two lifelong Kobe fans, Andy Trice and Sacco Ball.

    “We grew up on this site. We want to keep it forever, like a signed Kobe jersey or basketball, but in this case, there’s only one KB24.com.”

    The two expanded their team in order to operate large NFT sales.

    “We have so many people helping us make the KB24 NFT project a reality and everyone is happy to donate their time and resources without asking for anything in return. It really shows how much of an impact Kirby has had on everyone’s lives,” Andy explained, “and as we get closer to launch, we’re excited to share more information about others helping with the project.”

    According to the founders, they created the project with charity in mind. Therefore, 100% of the proceeds and income from the OpenSeas auction will go to the Mamba and Mambasita Sports Foundation. The auction has the potential to bring in $50 million for the charity.

    NFTs and the sports world

    Other Kobe NFTs entered the market prior to this KB24 NFT auction news.The Cryptograph NFT marketplace auctioned off unreleased Kobe Bryant photos. Proceeds from this auction also went to the Mamba and Mambasita Sports Foundation.

    In addition, big names in the sports industry are also looking for ways to participate in cryptocurrency.EA Sports released an ad for a senior director to work on “blockchain and NFT.”

    Marketplaces like Dibbs have created a marketplace for NFT sports cards, capitalizing on the inherent collectible nature of the sports world. As the sports world continues to embrace cryptocurrency, there’s no telling which big star will be on the NFT stage.

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