• Secret Network partners with OpenSea to introduce NFTs

  • The Secret Network has partnered with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

    In the partnership, the agreement will see the launch of seven unique NFTs as a collection.

    Only buyers of the artwork will be able to see the content, except for the creators.

    The auction for this unique artwork is expected to take place next month.

    The creator of the artwork will be given full access to the NFTs.

    The Secret Network offers a multi-layered experience

    The Secret Network will showcase NFTs that have never been seen by anyone other than their creators.In fact, the first auction of such NFTs will be followed by a second, larger collection. These collections will be available for purchase and minted to a general audience. According to Alexander Bercow, OpenSea’s art partnerships manager, the platform is excited to be working with the Secret Network. Ultimately, the partnership aims to provide a multi-layered experience for collectors of the artists. Alexander further explained that the private, non-abundant tokens provide a new type of solution for creators of all kinds.

    The first NFT to support public and private content

    According to Guy Zyskind, founder of Enigma, the core developer behind the Secret Network, the team has spent considerable time preparing for the heroic event. The team has secured IP for the greatest art creators to kick off the ecosystem of NFTs and put the finishing touches on their kind of privacy-protecting technology. In fact, that’s the first blockchain to support such assets containing both public and private content.

    It is also worth noting that NFTs were created on the ERC-721 and CosmWasm-721 token standards. Moreover, they have the typical characteristics of standard crypto tokens.

    The creator can grant full permissions

    The Secret Network allows artists to choose who has full access to their content. For example, creators can create thumbnail or watermarked versions of their work to provide the public with ideas about the content. However, the full-resolution version of the artwork remains private, and interested parties will have to purchase the work to view the content.

    On the other hand, creators can choose to embed secret comments in their work, or any original content that will not be disclosed to the public. In fact, with such ownership, ownership of verifiable goods and experiences would not need to be made public. The process of verification on the agreement does not compromise any private data. Such data includes proof of authenticity and transfer.

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