• Secret Archaeologists Discover No Man’s Land – The Newest and Oldest NFT Ever

  • Secret archaeologist Wilt Chamberlain, also known as Stilt Trades, has discovered a “new” oldest NFT. it is called Terra Nullius and was launched on August 7, 2015.

    Research shows that the project is built to allow you to make “claims” on the blockchain. This means that when a claim is pinned, you can also write a short message to customize the NFT (the length of the message is not known). There’s also some debate as to whether these are actually NFTs, some say it’s just storing messages on the chain, and since you can store them multiple times, this makes them replaceable. It’s only because they are already wrapped in a contract that they are now irreplaceable.

    A total of 22 NFTs were minted in 2015. But the team behind the project recently built wrappers to put the NFTs up for sale on OpenSea, and just a few hours ago, the devs minted 23 more, and Chamberlain and Adam McBride minted two more NFTs. in just an hour after McBride released his research, all 4,000 NFTs were claimed, and it’s now impossible to mint any more coins.

    You can see a rather strange collection of minted NFTs here. nft enthusiasts certainly took this as an opportunity to forever record their opinions on the blockchain, some of which include “Beanie Rugged Me”, “Bob Marley for President”, “Fuck Donald Trump”, “Cheers to NFT ” And so on.

    Will the initial 22 Terra Nullius NFTs get top rankings on OpenSea? We’ll find out in a few days.

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