• The Octopus Games NFT series is your ticket to the metaverse

  • Get to know the Octopus Games NFT series. Now you have the opportunity to be part of a unique, meta-universe full of life-or-death games. The series is a trend that features a meta-universe with 10,000 unique, randomly generated NFTs residing on the Solana blockchain.

    So, what is this all about? According to Octopus Games NFT’s website, it is “the first NFT project to host a series of games in a virtual metaverse for holders to participate in.” This means that only holders of Octopus Games NFTs will be able to enter the upcoming Octopus Games metaverse and have a chance to win cash prizes.

    Octopus Games NFTs: different tokens and meta-universes

    The Octopus Games NFT series consists of 9,500 participant and 500 host/VIP NFTs.These are generated from seven customizable properties hand-painted by the project’s artists. The Participant NFT, as the name suggests, will allow the holder to participate in various games in the Octopus Games metaverse. This NFT will act as your 3D avatar, which you can use to compete with other participants.

    On the other hand, Host NFT acts as a governance token that allows you to become an organizer of the Octopus Games metaverse. Moreover, these tokens represent 25% of the game’s equity and the holder will receive a portion of all future revenue streams. Meanwhile, the VIP NFT is an extremely rare token that only a lucky few can apply for.Holders of the VIP NFT will enjoy both high financial as well as in-game benefits.The NFT project has not yet released more details about this rare token.

    Of course, no NFT and metaverse game like this would be complete without an attractive prize pool.The NFT Project will retain 25% of the proceeds from collectible minted tokens as an initial prize pool. In addition, 5% of the royalties from each secondary sale will also go into the prize pool. Based on the prize pool, the team will award cash prizes to the winners of various contests.

    The mint is already live with 2 SOL each. a limited supply of 1,111 Generation 1 Octopus Games NFTs will be available for 1.5 SOL.

    What’s next?

    Basically, Octopus Games aims to reward players with cash prizes and various exclusive features. In this regard, the team has planned a plethora of perks in their roadmap. One of these benefits is NFT multiplication, where two or more participant tokens can multiply to create a new participant token. This can be sold on the secondary market. In addition, the project will airdrop the Octopus game project to all NFT holders early next year.

    In addition, they aim to release the “Octopus Games” meta-universe and tournaments in the second quarter of 2022. This will be followed by the release of metaverse gambling, where token holders can bet on the winner of each tournament to win several times their bet.

    Clearly, the Octopus Games NFT series, and its meta-universe, is an exciting addition to the growing NFT industry.With over 15,000 members on Discord and around 50,000 followers on Twitter, it’s off to a great start.

    The Octopus Game will be particularly interesting for fans of Netflix’s TV series The Squid Game. However, it has nothing to do with Netflix, Squid Games, or Squid Games tokens.

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