• Basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal gears up for first NFT launch

  • Former basketball star and now entrepreneur, Shaquille O’Neal, is about to launch his first NFT series. Along with 2nd tier solution Ethernity, they will be releasing a series of assets based on some of the sports legend’s greatest games.

    Titled “Shaquille O’Neal: The Eras of Dominance Collection”, these assets will be available in cryptocurrency wallets around the world on October 15. The assets will be based on key moments from his playing career in five different designs, representing his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Miami Heat.Ethernity is keeping quiet about the core characters, but based on previous drops, varying degrees of rarity are expected in relation to a limited number of each.

    Additionally, each NFT purchase is a raffle ticket to win one of three fantastic prizes. The prizes are a video call with Shaq himself, a pair of custom shoes and a dinner reservation at Shaq’s own music festival.

    Unlike many of his contemporaries, Shaq isn’t just in it for the extra source of income, either. Joining the collecting game under the OpenSea pseudonym “manofdominance,” the basketball legend has made his mark on the NFT scene. As such, he has purchased a number of noteworthy acquisitions, including two Creature World NFTs, one of which sits proudly as his Twitter persona. In just one month, he has amassed a grand collection of over 160 NFTs.

    The end result is a sports hero with over 15 million Twitter followers under the NFT banner.

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