• First episode of Red Ape Family NFT animated series sells out

  • The first NFT cartoon has officially reached liftoff! “The Red Ape Family” recently sold out its first episode of NFT, the groundbreaking series featuring four boring ape yacht club NFTs, and will soon release the first episode of its first season on YouTube.

    The Red Ape Family features four boring apes and other “blue chip” NFTs

    The animated series is the latest project to merge NFTs with traditional art forms. First and foremost, the series and its storyline center on the members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Equally important, however, is the fact that each episode of the series is an NFT in its own right.

    The team released 333 tokens for the first episode at 0.95 ETH. it will continue to release 333 tokens for each episode of the first season. According to the show’s Discord, owners of Episode 1 tokens will receive a mint that will allow them to purchase Episode 2 tokens for the lower price of 0.5 ETH.

    The premiere of the first episode took place in Dubai on November 25. While this may be the first NFT series to premiere, it’s certainly not the first NFT TV show to be announced. Even so, it features the boring Ape Yacht Club’s NFT, which is big news.

    Bored Red Ape Yacht Club expands its cultural importance

    There’s no doubt that the Red Apes have a successful team hosting the show. For starters, rap superstar 2 Chainz is the executive producer of the cartoon. Indeed musicians are a key group in bringing NFTs into the mainstream, especially those who have recently joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

    It’s safe to assume CryptoPunks is still the most expensive NFT series. However, for now it appears that Apes are the hot NFT. at least when it comes to partnerships.

    Of course, we’re likely to see more Bored Ape’s leap onto the small screen in the near future. Earlier in the fall, Hollywood agency CAA signed another Bored Ape NFT, Jenkins The Valet. it’s clear that the agency is snapping up BAYC NFTs to put in books, movies and shows.

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