• Netflix says it has the technology and planning for a meta-universe ready to go

  • NetEase founder and CEO Ding Lei responded to the great concern about the meta-universe, saying that NetEase has already done the technology and planning for the meta-universe, and that when the time is right, “NetEase may run faster than anyone else.”

    Currently, NetEase has landed meta-universe concept products such as the Yaotai immersive activity system, AI virtual anchor, and planet blockchain, and has invested in a number of innovative companies in the virtual field. For the landing of the meta-universe, NetEase is already hiring for positions such as builders for virtual scene construction and pinchers for virtual characters. The recruitment is said to be in the field of artificial intelligence in the industry, with an annual salary of up to a million or more.

    Since October this year, Netease (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Netease Computer Systems Co., Ltd. have applied for the registration of the trademarks “Netease Yuan Universe” and “Leihuo Yuan Universe”, with international classifications involving advertising sales, education and entertainment. The current status of the trademarks is pending substantive examination.

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