• Romero Brito and DJ White Shadow Release Epic NFTs

  • Two of the world’s finest talents have joined forces to deliver an extraordinary set of NFTs, for which Miami-based acclaimed artist Romero Britto provided imagery and Grammy-winning music producer DJ White Shadow paved the way with killer tracks.

    When great artists collide, great things happen, and this place is no exception. This power of artistry comes together to produce a collection of 10 powerful art pieces. Each item features the signature style of each artist. From the sharp lines and vivid colors of Britto’s infectious positivity to the powerful deep tones of DJ White Shadow’s emotion-inducing shadows.

    Romero Brito is a big-name international artist known for his use of bold colors and unique style, while DJ White Shadow is a prominent DJ, producer and songwriter known for his work with Lady Gaga. This exciting partnership will no doubt take the NFT world by storm.

    The 10 one-to-one animated audiovisuals launch on the music-oriented NFT platform YellowHeart on October 28 at 4pm (UTC). As an added bonus, full NFT albums of the tracks used in the series are also available, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity for an undisclosed amount.

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