• Sin City NFTs Released; Miller Collaborates with Gala Labs and Concept Art Gallery

  • After a long wait, the new NFT release that will capture the graphic novel Sin City is finally here. The artwork marks the 30th anniversary of the novel, written by Frank Miller.

    This celebration is unique in the comic art world. Through a collaboration with Gala Labs and Concept House, Miller came up with 11 NFTs based on the novel.

    Behind the NFTs

    Sin City first appeared in the pages of Dark Horse Comics in 1991 with “A Hard Goodbye.” It is a story about an ex-convict, Marv, who spends the night with a girl named Goldie, who eventually dies, sending Marv on a hunt for her killer. Miller has rewritten and reinterpreted the work, including co-directing the 2005 hit film Sin City with Robert Rodriguez.

    Miller recalls seeing Marv come to life on the set when Mickey Rourke first appeared within the make-up, hobbling alongside. Thus, one of the highlights of his NFT series was a crystallized Marv, which gave Miller another way to reinterpret the character. A thousand of these Marv’s will likely appear as NFT’s.

    In addition to the Marv NFT, one NFT piece is likely to be a private painting Miller did for the winner, including the NFT video. The others are digitally enhanced objects with movement and sound.

    Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon

    The development of NFT is an exciting time for the creators of name-brand comedy ebooks. Miller and others are trying to cash in on the new medium.

    In this “digital” age, artists have seen the originality of their work diminish. As a result, NFTs are becoming very attractive to a large number of artists. It allows them to create digitally while making digital works collectible (similar to original works).

    In addition, artists make more money from original art than they do from standard comic books. This is due to the low cost of comic books. As of August 2021, the average salary of a comic book artist in the United States is $41,643, which is not much considering the joy, delight, and aesthetic coolness they provide to consumers.

    Diving deeper into the digital world

    Substack, a subscription publication service, is entering the comics market by enlisting top Marvel and DC writers. In addition, Scott Snyder, the most popular Batman writer, has signed a multi-year deal with Comixology, an Amazon-owned digital service, to create digital comics.

    While Miller is enthusiastic about NFT, he’s not looking to sign a digital comics deal.

    Meanwhile, Gala Labs previously launched an animatable and programmable NFT called VOX. it sold out in 10 minutes. gala Labs’ is a subsidiary of Gala Games, a major blockchain gaming company.

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