• Beauty and the Beast NFT series has 4 supermodels and Trump in it

  • World renowned photographer Marco Glaviano is launching his first NFT series, “Beauty and the Beast”. The series is in collaboration with digital art gallery Pinhole.art and is now available exclusively online on Rarible.

    “Beauty and the Beast” focuses on supermodels, including well-known faces including Cindy Crawford, Paulina Porizkova, Iman Bowie and Alexis Ren. although, surprisingly, there is also a photo of former President Donald Trump.

    NFT photography is becoming more and more popular, and who better to lead the campaign than Marco Glaviano.

    Marco Glaviano is one of the best and most acclaimed fashion photographers in the world. Now he is breaking into the NFT scene with this unique series.

    The “Beauty and the Beast” NFT series is a natural step in the progression of this distinguished photographer’s career. Known for his forward thinking, he published the world’s first digital photographs in 1982, long before NFTs. Although we’ve come a long way digitally since then, Marco has kept his finger on the pulse of modern culture.

    Here’s what Marco Glaviano had to say about the project.” I’m glad we finally have a new platform to showcase digital photography. I have been involved in digital photography for almost 40 years. My work has always been about pushing the boundaries of digital photography.”

    “Beauty and the Beast” NFT Unlockable Content

    Finally, each NFT also comes with an unlockable element. These include everything from behind-the-scenes photos to social media shout-outs. Perhaps the most interesting is the Cindy’s Kiss NFT. it includes the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot at Marco Glaviano’s award-winning studio.

    Plus, you’ll receive a personalized video message from supermodel Cindy Crawford.

    The “Beauty and the Beast” NFT Auction in partnership with Pinhole.art is now running on Rarible; however, it only lasts 13 days.

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