• American football is heading to the blockchain via NFL NFTs

  • The National Football League and Players Association are joining the blockchain through the NFL NFTs.

    The National Football League (NFL) and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) have announced their latest fan engagement innovation. In a partnership with Dapper Labs, the NFL and NFLPA are entering the blockchain world with exclusive highlight NFTs.

    Dapper Labs NFT NFTs

    This new partnership is designed to increase fan engagement by allowing them to collect and trade highlights of the NFL season. The digital collection will give fans the ability to own the most talked about football moments of the NFT. the program includes both current highlights from the entire season as well as all-time great games. Fans will have the opportunity to collect and trade clips from today’s superstars and legends of the game.

    Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs said.

    From “Hail Murray” to the “Minneapolis Miracle,” magic happens on the NFL field. As a league that continues to raise the bar, we’re proud that the NFL and NFLPA have chosen Dapper Labs to deliver the moments NFL fans around the world have been waiting for. We can’t wait to give the more than 300 million NFL fans the opportunity to own the games that matter to them and engage with the sport in a whole new way.

    Improving the NFL fan experience with NFTs

    The NFL and Dapper Labs are creating a whole world for fans of American football. Fans will have the ability to purchase NFL NFT packs that contain some of their favorite players. They will also be able to showcase their collection of NFL moments, as well as sell and trade them. In addition, fans will be able to find missing parts of their NFL moments collection on a special marketplace.

    Steve Scebelo, president of the NFLPA’s marketing and licensing arm, NFL Players Inc. said.

    “The irreplaceable nature of the NFT captures what makes sports fans special. Our players are excited about this major initiative by the NFLPA …… in the digital collectibles marketplace …… The unique greatness of NFL players will continue to fuel real-time memorable moments in history and during the season, which will only deepen their connection to passionate fans’ connections. ”

    The NFL, NFLPA and Dapper labs are looking forward to a new fan experience when the program launches later in the NFL season. By accessing the fan community, activating events and providing a hub for people who love the game.

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