• Conglomerate’s Legion NFT avatar coming to the Satoshiverse

  • Fans of acclaimed comic artist José Delbo will know how popular his NFT series “Satoshi Nakamoto the Creator” has been since its release in October 2020. On his latest Nifty Gateway website, Delbo awarded collectors with the “Satoshi Nakamoto the Creator” creation token and revealed that it will play a role in his latest project, the Satoshiverse.

    The first major release of the Satoshiverse has finally landed – 10,000 next-generation avatar NFTs.Named “Satoshi Nakamoto’s Legion”, these avatars are a true work of art, each completely unique and pushing the limits of what is possible with procedurally generated 3D NFTs on the blockchain. Each avatar will have its own unique signature features and background, as well as a special mask, weapons and equipment.

    In order to avoid high petrol costs and have a fair distribution, there will be a pre-sale of Legionnaire NFTs, which will have 750 Platinum tokens. The pre-sale will take place at OpenSea and Rarible, starting September 24th at 12pm EST. Any Legionnaires not sold during the pre-sale will be available at the public sale. Holders of early-stage pre-sale tokens will be eligible for higher rarity airdrops until the official launch of Legionnaires.

    Conglomerate Legionnaires NFT collectors will have access to a number of benefits in The Satoshiverse and the metaverse in general. This includes early access to The Satoshiverse, character advantages during the game’s development, and much more.

    Satoshi Nakamoto’s Legion has a cool backstory where Satoshi Nakamoto, the Creator, contacted 100 blockchain community leaders, or “The 100”, from around the world and asked each of them to secretly form a “Legion” to lead a rebellion against the Fiat Defenders. Each Legion consists of 100 “Legionnaires” united in their fight to take back what was taken from them.

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