• Artist Brings Rat Poison, Bitcoin Pizza, Doge To The Moon NFTs To Life Through Interactive 3D World

  • CryptoTale has launched a first-of-its-kind display of its Non-Forgible Token (NFT) collection, using WebGL technology to browse digital artworks in a game-like 3D world experience.

    A total of six unique NFTs, including Rat Poison, Your Funds are SAFU, To The Moon, Bitcoin Pizza, Bitconeeeect, and Mt Gox, are now up for auction and interested participants can start bidding from as low as 0.01 WETH.

    The 3D artworks depict major events in cryptocurrency history, from billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s infamous comments calling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies rat poison to the May 22, 2010 pizza day commemorating Laszlo Hanyecz paying 10,000 Bitcoins for the delivery of two Papa John’s pizzas.

    According to the creator, the release of the interactive NFT series “offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to acquire historical works of cryptocurrency in a paradoxically limited but ever-expanding virtual realm.” Additionally, the artist revealed that there are plans to transform the virtual world’s game-like land into an NFT, essentially allowing other artists the possibility to use the space for their own work.

    A live “tour” of the 3D NFTs is available here.The entire collection is currently up for auction on OpenSea.

    With the NFT market growing rapidly worldwide, CryptoTale plans to add more artwork in the future by collaborating with artists from different disciplines.

    The cultural appeal of NFT

    Obviously, what fuels the NFT hype is that their ownership and uniqueness can be confirmed, you can use them in a variety of artist and corporate built applications, and you can easily exchange them on the secondary market. These capabilities open the door to new business models and use cases.

    In an interview, Matty (DCLBlogger), an expert on non-fungible tokens, said of the NFT market in general.

    I think it’s going to dominate culturally; when you start buying NFT, you have a connection that you can’t go back from; it’s penetrated the entertainment industry really well, from gaming to art, all those things.

    Interestingly, in keeping with the mystique of the live 3D world, the artist behind the auctioned NFT remains anonymous.

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