• Sotheby’s Second Localized Digital Auction to Feature NFT Collectors

  • The renowned fine art auction house Sotheby’s is back with its second dedicated NFT extravaganza. Called Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors, the event will focus on works from the collections of some of the most prominent figures in the NFT industry.

    This latest installation by Natively Digital will run for a week, from October 14 to October 21. As such, a host of prominent collectors (19) will be participating in the event, handpicking items from their digital vaults. Participating NFT royalty include collectors 888, FingerprintsDAO, Paris Hilton and the mighty WhaleShark, who has pledged to use the proceeds to fund further purchases and provide liquidity for the native token $WHALE.

    As a result of all this, a total of 53 NFT masterpieces will be auctioned off. These range from Hackatao and X-COPY originals to Bored Apes and MoonCats collectibles. Sotheby’s will announce the full list of assets in advance of the event to satisfy every savvy collector.

    Back in June, the first Natively Digital event took place to much fanfare and as a result, some of the greatest NFTs changed hands for incredible sums. All told, it raised a whopping $17.1 million from 28 different lots. That’s a notable number, as it’s half the amount offered at the next auction.

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