• British designer brand Burberry enters the NFT market

  • The NFT sector continues to attract new players, and not only traders and collectors, but also big brands. The latest example of this is the British luxury fashion brand Burberry, which has just entered the NFT world.

    From what is known, the designer brand entered the NFT space through a partnership with Mythical Games, a studio that runs Blankos Block Party, a new NFT game that allows users to buy, sell or simply collect NFT characters or, Blankos.In addition to this, it allows users to design and build new games.

    Details about Blankos Block Party

    Blankos is described as a combination of Fortnite and Funko Pops with the addition of NFTs. as most of you probably know, games like this have “skins” that act as the main IP drivers for both digital and physical products. With this in mind, designer brands like Burberry are a natural fit for an NFT project, such as Blankos.

    Not only do these types of collectibles have value, but they can even hold their value and even increase it over the years. Also, Blankos Block Party is very easy to get into, especially since it’s free-to-play. Once they enter the world of Blankos, users have the option to purchase accessories and cosmetics, which are completely optional, but they do give the game its charm.

    The game is currently available on PC, and support for other platforms is expected to come out eventually. The project itself runs on a custom variant of the EOS blockchain.

    Brand designers are rapidly joining the NFT market

    As for Burberry, its NFTs are named “Series B” and they will be making several limited edition drops on August 11. The brand has given a few hints, including vinyl NFT toys, accessories, and a limited edition character, Sharky B.

    However, it should be noted that Burberry is far from the only brand designer to join the NFT world. Other brands have done so, such as D&B, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, most of which have joined in the past few months, and Burberry likely won’t be the last, as all of these brand designers are getting more and more involved, starting new projects and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

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