• Kings of Leon Send NFT Rock Songs Into Orbit for Charity

  • Rock band Kings of Leon is getting in on the apparently growing trend of launching music into space. Helping them is none other than space flight pioneers SpaceX.

    On September 15, Inspiration4 will take off with an entirely civilian crewed payload, and from there to a three-day Earth orbit. One of these lucky explorers will have an NFT copy of the Kings of Leon song “Time in Disguise”. As such, they will be playing the song in its entirety while enjoying the unsurprisingly spherical planet.

    Surprisingly, however, the song has a more traditional delivery system. As such, the song will be distributed through the medium of an iPhone and placed in the pocket of Voyager Hayley Arceneaux. With that in mind, it is disappointing that the rocket ship owned by Mr. Musk is not fitted with a lovely sound system. both NFT and the iPhone currently housing it are the subject of an auction to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As such, the Yellow Heart website is currently running bids with a reserve price of $50,000.

    Inspiration4 marks a landmark voyage for SpaceX and the broader universe, as it is the first to include a long-term space voyage made up entirely of civilians. Through this endeavor, four talented ordinary citizens will experience the wonders of the cosmic realm.

    In any case, space isn’t the ultimate goal, is it?” To the moon, Elon, to the moon!” A million cryptocurrency enthusiasts shouted in unison.

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