• Famous Bitcoin Artist Lucho Poletti’s NFT Work Coming Soon

  • Lucho Poletti, one of the most respected artists in the Bitcoin community, is releasing a new series on Nifty Gateway. Titled “Moneta Divina”, the series will feature three auction items, 21 separate animations, and a surprise for collectors of the popular “Novus Moneta Seclorum” series, which is Latin for “New Currency of the Age” and was released in November 2020.

    The Moneta Divina drop will take place on September 27th. More details about the collection are yet to be revealed.

    Lucho is one of the main artists at NFT Space and has been a full-time CryptoArtist since 2017.His art comes in the form of digital vector art in a variety of styles, using clever combinations of words, symbols and images to convince the public that Bitcoin is a better currency.

    Lucho is passionate about educating people on how government currency works, and each of his works has been a hit among art collectors. His artwork incorporates impressive images that are crafted with a message to make an impact. He is well known around the world and has shipped tens of thousands of bitcoin artworks on his website over the years, including collectible prints, posters, stickers and merchandise.

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