• Famous humanoid AI robot inspires NFT collection

  • A world-famous humanoid AI bot will become an NFT. the bot will become 100 iNFTs that will be able to inhabit and interact in a decentralized meta-universe.

    Sophia is an intelligent humanoid AI robot developed by Hong Kong-based Hansen Robotics in 2016. She shocked the world through her steady summoning abilities, which further led to her giving a remarkable speech at the United Nations. She has now been tokenized into 100 iNFTs, which will be auctioned on Binance’s NFT marketplace on December 16.

    Sophia’s virtual tokenization will form an NFT series called the SophiaBeingAI NFT series. This is part of a perpetual licensing and co-branding partnership between Sophia’s virtual anime version of “Sophia beingAI” and iNFT production company Alethea AI.

    Each Sophia beingAI iNFT will be embedded with an AI personality as part of a smart contract. These AI personalities will be able to inhabit and interact with a decentralized metaverse called Noah’s Ark, a project of Alethea AI. According to Alethea AI, Noah’s Ark will be the center of interaction and intelligent NFTs.

    In addition, the 100 iNFTs in the series will be drawn by legendary comic book artist Pat Lee, who has worked for DC Comics and Marvel on projects such as Superman, Batman, Man of Steel and Spider-Man.

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