• Famous Flurks NFT cartoonist accused of being a ‘Nazi’ by Opensea

  • The leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea, is now under new accusations. Stonetoss, a prominent political NFT artist, has accused the platform and Rarible of delisting their new NFT series Flurks.

    The artist tweeted at OpenSea and Rarible, asking them to explain what happened.Stonetoss wrote: “I believe this is likely the result of a malicious mass reporting campaign.”

    The accusations against Flurks

    Flurks, the collection at the center of the controversy did very well before OpenSea delisted Flurks. There were 5k NFTs of the collection sold out in 22 minutes for a fee of $2 million. Within a few hours it traded over 100 ETH.

    Because of his work in politics, Stonetoss explained many of the previous accusations against him. Being called a Nazi sympathizer was one of them.

    The artist said, “My reputation as an artist is precisely because I can operate in this censored environment.” Stone believes that OpenSea delisted Flurks because it contained the Confederate flag.

    The artist has an answer for this, “Please note that my collection also includes features such as the gay pride flag, the Gadsden flag, the Soviet Ushanka (hat) and the hammer and sickle shirt.”

    None of this justifies banning the NFT collection, as these are on public display in many places.

    The basic idea of NFTs or blockchains, in general, is very simple.NFTs are digital art operating in a decentralized, license-free environment. Or at least that’s what we think.

    While these platforms haven’t commented, it seems that OpenSea and Rarible disagree.

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