• Montreal Canadiens announce their NFT series, celebrate their 2021 playoff run

  • The Montreal Canadiens have become the latest team to dabble in NFTs, announcing the launch of their first-ever NFT token.The NFTs will be digital collectibles that will celebrate the Montreal Canadiens’ run to the 2021 Stanley Cup Final.

    The team will release the first pack of NFTs on Thursday at 1 p.m. ET, and then continue to release new packs on subsequent Thursdays, Saturdays and Tuesdays throughout September.

    The “Basic” and “Rare” categories

    The NFT series will be divided into two categories, a basic category and a rare category. The basic category will be priced at $25, while the rare category will be priced at $50. Montreal Canadiens fans will also be able to purchase NFT without any cryptocurrency; instead, they can also use standard payment methods, such as paying with their credit card.

    The NFT Collection

    Each NFT fact will consist of four unique NFTs; three NFTs will feature team photography, artwork and commemorative tickets to the Montreal Canadiens 2021 playoffs. The fourth will be a digital game puck with one box score stat from one of the team’s 22 games in the playoffs. Collectors will be able to buy, sell, and trade their NFTs on a digital marketplace built on the blockchain starting in September.

    Margaret Belanger, President of Sports and Entertainment at CH Group France, commented.

    “After a memorable season, we are pleased to offer fans a unique way to own a piece of digital history in a format that looks back on a traditional card collection familiar to generations. In taking this approach to the packaging model, we hope to make NFT ownership viable for as wide an audience as possible and allow collectors of all ages and means the opportunity to participate in this initiative.”

    A limited number of packs are available

    The total number of mailers issued by the Montreal Canadiens will be limited, with only a few hundred being issued during a single drop. The Montreal Canadiens will use a dedicated web platform, canadiens.dropshop.io, to list the exact number of details available during each drop. It will also be the exclusive homepage for the Montreal Canadiens NFT series. The site will contain information about the NFT series and how users can register and purchase NFT packs. It will also feature artwork from the series on NFT.

    The Chicago Blackhawks have also launched their own NFT series

    The Montreal Canadiens aren’t the only team exploring the NFT, as the Chicago Blackhawks have also announced the release of their first official NFT series. The collection includes 12 hockey figure cards and 2,000 digital tickets inspired by 8-bit retro game graphics.

    The collection was released on BlackhawksNFT.com and can be purchased directly from sweet.io/Blackhawks.NFTs are available in both auction and fixed price formats for new buyers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

    Character cards and digital tickets

    The character cards consist of twelve hockey characters, each with a unique set of attributes, descriptions and a unique name, all inspired by the history of the Blackhawks, the city of Chicago, the United Center and, of course, hockey. Six of the twelve characters wear Blackhawks home jerseys, while six wear the team’s road jerseys.

    The digital tickets are collectible 8-digit tickets and only 2,000 are available for fans to purchase. Versions of the four different types of tickets (500 each) will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for 30 CDN. Fans who purchase all four types of tickets will unlock an additional Golden Ticket.

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