• Justin Sun performs $15 million boring ape stunt

  • Earlier this week, TRON Network founder Justin Sun proudly tweeted about his latest record-breaking purchase. His latest NFT shopping spree surpassed Crypto Punk’s sales record, as he paid $15 million worth of TRON to get a Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron NFT.

    Sun bought BAYC Tron Ape #6666 Joker. of course, his actions did not go unnoticed by the NFT community. Most comments were naturally extremely critical; saying it was money laundering, the worst NFT marketing stunt ever, and the lamest purchase in history because you know, who would buy a fake BAYC for that kind of money.Either way, positive or negative, Sun Justice got his moment in the limelight.

    BAYC Tron NFTs, as the name implies, are copy cats of BAYCs on Ether. In fact, the Mutant Ape minting campaign has already started as well. Currently, the lowest price for an Ape on Tron is 2,500 TRX (about $250). Perhaps, Sun’s move didn’t make much of a difference to the base price. However, Tron fans have a chance to get in on the craze at a more affordable price.

    To be sure, the NFT tweet has cast the final, universal decision.

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