• Justin Sun Brags About Buying Ether Pet Rock NFT For $611,000

  • If you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous and hilarious after the canine coin mania, people are now throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at some cartoonish paintings of rocks that were issued as unforgeable tokens on the ethereum blockchain back in 2017.

    Tron CEO Justin Sun announced that he is now the proud owner of EtherRock 87.

    The outlandish purchase is part of a 100-picture series that cost him $611,170, which is the price of a single-family home in Denver.

    Sun has updated his Twitter profile picture to a rock with a “laser eye.”

    Some of the cryptocurrency billionaire’s followers have highlighted the extent to which the cryptocurrency industry is disconnected from the outside world.

    The price floor for a JPEG image of an off-white rock is now set at over $1 million.

    Masayoshi Son has a penchant for flaunting his wealth. He paid $4.5 million for a dinner with Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett in February 2020. The Tron boss also tried to make headlines by buying Beeple’s record $69.3 NFT, but he was narrowly beaten by the winner of the auction. Since then, Sun has gone on to purchase several other NFT-related artworks that have made significantly less noise.

    The 1970s craze gets a new lease of life

    The idea of making money with a bunch of rocks isn’t exactly new.

    In fact, the owner of the increasingly popular EtherRock line pays tribute to ad agency owner Gary Dahl for his superior marketing skills after he made a fortune selling rocks to people as pets in 1975.

    The latest NFT craze is largely confined to a group of cryptocurrency moguls looking to flex their exorbitant wealth by jumping on the latest trend.

    However, some buyers truly believe that they have made the best investment of their lives.

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