• Win a share of the $2 million GHST Rarity Farming in Aavegotchi

  • The ever-innovative blockchain inhabitant, Aavegotchi, has announced a return to competitive rarefied farming. Over the course of eight weeks, interaction with ghost assets has the potential to be incredibly rewarding.

    This latest segment will run from October 12 to December 7 and consists of four rounds, each lasting two weeks. Additionally, to make the effort worthwhile, the most active members of the Aavegotchi community will be rewarded with a total of $2 million in GHST ($3.2 million).

    All Aavegotchi are eligible to participate, even those who are currently bridged to Ether. So there’s no excuse not to put these lovely ghosts to work. The entire event is divided into 5 leaderboards, and the top 5,000 on each are eligible for a grand GHST reward. Details are as follows.

    Rarity Farming – Score for random traits, wearable bonuses and level-ups.

    Kinship – Take care of your cherished Aavegotchi friend. Earn points by interacting regularly, however, neglect your Aavegotchi and it will lose points.

    EXP – Reserved for the most useful members of the community. Participate in online events, vote in DAO, and even volunteer to manage the disco channel.

    Newbies – Additional affinity and EXP leaderboards reserved for Haunt 2 Aavegotchi only.

    A snapshot at the end of each round will determine the rewards earned, which will arrive via the pocket interface on Aavegotchi.com. Finally, the best player will receive an additional Rarity Farming NFT badge, allowing bragging rights until the end of time.

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