• Super Mega Yacht NFT, Metaflower Sells for $650,000

  • This week, metaverse developer Republic Realm sold The Metaflower NFT superyacht as part of its new fantasy series. Surprisingly, the asset was bought for a whopping 149 ETH, making it the most expensive NFT in the sandbox.

    The Metaflower Superyacht, a record-breaking NFT

    Metaverse developer Republic Realm scored another impressive achievement this month.The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht, a luxury four-level NFT ship in the sandbox, sold for a record 149 ETH, or about $650,000. Thus, it is officially the most expensive digital asset in the sandbox!

    Accordingly, the yacht includes a relaxing Jacuzzi, two helipads, lounge areas, and even a dance floor to entertain its guests. All features inspire luxury and opulence, as NFT belongs to the Republic Kingdom’s Fantasy Collection.

    In fact, the Fantasy Series includes every type of luxury NFT. from motorboats to speedboats and, of course, the iconic meta-universe yacht, the program is designed to entertain the top collectors in the sandbox. Notably, every NFT holder has access to members-only areas such as the Fantasy Pier or the Beach Club.

    The most impressive part of the program, however, is the exclusive collection of 100 private islands on the Sandbox. Impressively, these luxurious collections sold out in less than 24 hours after launch; while they currently have a price floor of 63.9 ETH, no island can beat the super mega yacht NFT so far.

    Sandbox is expanding at the speed of light

    The sandbox is undoubtedly one of the most popular meta universes to date. With the NFT market exploding this year, we’ve seen a plethora of NFT whales and celebrities built and traded in the sandbox. In fact, some of the most popular collectibles have joined the project, including the Gutter Cat Gang and the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate.

    Perhaps the most impressive collaboration, however, is Snoop Dogg, who recreated his real-life mansion in the metaverse. The rapper, also known as NFT Whale Cozomo de’ Mendici, has also collaborated with Sandbox on several Miami Beach party-themed collectibles.

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