• Mines of Dalania: P2E Game Review and Introduction

  • Play to Earn (P2E) games are fueling the growth of Axie Infinity since its emergence.

    What is Mines of Dalania?

    Mines of Dalania (MoD) is an action-adventure side-scroller with addictive features. Each level contains different terrain, and each group has other items that players can mix and match.

    These items are combined to.

    Make in-game consumables

    Upgrade your character’s skills

    Improve your equipment

    MoD takes ownership in the game to a new level, with each world/level being owned by the player. These players can rent out these plots of land to other players to mine on for a fee and tax. Additionally, each world contains different resources that can be used to rent land from other players to upgrade your character.

    In addition, every item in the game is represented as an NFT and can be traded on the marketplace with the MoD native token $DAR. As the owner, you determine taxes, rents, and other customizable terms.

    Successful plots, on the other hand, are measured by active miners and the minerals unearthed on that plot. The most successful plots each month will be rewarded with tokens and airdrops!

    Money making opportunities and upgrades in the Dalania Mining Plot

    Users can upgrade ten different pieces of equipment and skills to be more productive. This includes picks, backpacks, health and boots. In addition, drills and canaries are also taken into account.

    Also, this creates a seriously addictive cycle of constantly upgrading features and chasing better items.P2E games offer countless opportunities to earn DAR tokens that you can sell on the marketplace. These tokens can also be staked to generate further returns.

    Darania Mining Review

    The good part.

    We’ve been playing Mines of Dharania all afternoon today. So when we say this game is addictive, we mean it. There’s this constant chase for the best upgrades, and players only have a few minutes at each level, so they need to move fast.

    Also, this game is easy to pick up, but there is a bit of a learning curve. It takes a while to find the best strategy, and the game progresses early on with just enough difficulty to keep you going. So, as more items and plots are added to the game, there will be more progression and the game will grab your time and attention even more.

    The bad parts.

    Today, this P2E game is still in alpha mode. Only whitelisted members can play the game now, and there are a lot of bugs that should be fixed before launch. Also, the mobile web version of the game doesn’t work well right now, so we suggest you wait for the desktop version.

    On the other hand, another problem with the game comes from the mid-game progression. As a result, you reach a stage where free plots no longer have enough resources to upgrade your items. So, now you need to rent plots that have the resources needed for upgrades.

    Finally, the main problem is that you need to upgrade items that don’t fit into these rented worlds. So, you now need to pay an extra $DAR to upgrade your NFT items. Also, without a steady income from rental plots, the cost of this game may increase.

    Conclusion on the Dalania mine

    This is a really great P2E game with a lot of potential. It’s hard enough to keep your attention, yet easy enough that you can multitask. Plus, players can always take time out to enjoy MoD.

    With a wealth of earning opportunities and customization options, we can see MoD creating a fun and lucrative ecosystem to be a part of. Look for MoD to gain traction in the P2E scene as they balance the progress in the game.

    Finally, public minting is open, so you can get a mining ape and give your own game a try.

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