• This blockchain gaming protocol is building the first ever food meta-universe

  • The blockchain industry has seen the emergence of another unique gaming project, OneRare, the first food universe or food metaspace.

    OneRare is the first blockchain game to celebrate food, allowing everyone to earn tokens by simply growing crops and collecting food recipes.

    The launch of the beta network proves that the game is one step closer to realizing its vision, which is to facilitate the next wave of blockchain adoption. The project’s mission is to develop a food theme that appeals to everyone, thus creating a global impact on the coveted food industry.

    Unifying everyone through an innovative food universe

    OneRare is not just a game that talks about food recipes and ingredients.Supreet Raju, CEO of OneRare, said in a close up interview that the game was created to reach a wider audience, celebrate global food culture, diversity, and build a community of passionate chefs and foodies.

    Food is a universal language that transcends age, gender and geography and promotes global solidarity. While everyone may have an opinion about food, there is no doubt that food plays an important role in celebrations, parties, special occasions and more.

    Food has evolved from a simple meal cooked in the kitchen to one of the biggest content drivers across print and non-print media. According to the founding team, the advent of Covid-19 further spurred interest in developing the OneRare game. With everyone locked in their cubicles, an exciting game was about to be proposed that would not only engage everyone, but give them access to in-house cuisine from the comfort of their tabletop.

    Innovative ideas and exciting gameplay

    The project is designed using Web3 technology as well as React and Material UI to provide a seamless gameplay and immersive experience for users. It’s a special food world with exciting gameplay dynamics and a tokenization layer that allows players to earn money by farming and selling ingredients, collecting ingredients and minting Dish NFTs.

    Players earn money by casting an NFT dish, which involves collecting ingredients for a recipe. Once the ingredients are submitted in the kitchen, players are given an NFT-based dish. The experienced team of developers revealed that players can cast two types of dishes – rare dishes or the rarest dishes.

    Rare dishes are popular recipes from around the world, while the rarest are unique recipes that are cast only once. Players can earn great rewards in four ways – Farm, Farmer’s Market, Kitchen and Playground.

    Farms allow players to grow ingredients based on the recipes they want to mint and sell them at the Farmer’s Market to earn ORARE tokens, which are governance tokens that allow holders to play in the game and trade at the Farmer’s Market. According to the developers, farmers can only grow one crop at a time in the public farm area.

    The project has a Farmer’s Market, which is the in-game internal marketplace with three shops. It constitutes the Farmer Store, which sells ingredients for farming, the OneRare Store, which sells special ingredients, and the Vegetable Seller, where owners of vegetable NFTs resell their dishes for ORARE tokens.

    The kitchen is the heart of the food universe, where all recipes from around the globe are absorbed. Players earn income by collecting a list of ingredients specific to a dish, and once completed, players earn a dish NFT, which allows them to participate in the game. Players compete against each other in a series of mini-games to win ORARE tokens.

    Win the chance to meet famous chefs

    There is a lot more for players to look forward to in the OneRare game. Earning NFTs isn’t the only thing, these NFTs also allow players to meet celebrity chefs, food brands and access to restaurants.

    In addition, NFT holders can trade their OneRare NFTs for meals at restaurants around the globe.OneRare isn’t the only thing that’s fun – Foodverse also has a mission to end world hunger by raising money through the game.

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