• Together, these 3 NFT programs garnered over $10 billion in sales

  • In 2021, non-counterfeitable token (NFT) assets took the world by storm, with three projects in the NFT space now generating billions of dollars in sales. Statistics show that NFT marketplace Opensea, blockchain NFT game Axie Infinity and digital collectibles line Cryptopunks have combined sales of over $10 billion.

    Sales of Opensea, Axie Infinity, Cryptopunks top $10 billion

    With the end of September approaching, the combined sales of three different NFT projects have surpassed $10 billion in all-time sales. All three projects are also unique in that Opensea, the leader in NFT sales, is a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell a wide variety of NFT collectibles from the Ether and Polygon networks.

    According to dappradar.com’s NFT marketplace statistics, Opensea has generated $6.85 billion in total sales to date across 452,319 traders. opensea is growing at a monthly rate of about 74.26% as it has captured $3.78 billion in sales in the last 30 days.

    Axie Infinity, a blockchain game that utilizes a number of native tokens and NFTs, crossed the $2 billion threshold this week as the project accumulated $2.17 billion in all sales across 640,376 traders. Monthly Axie Infinity records show that the game’s NFT sales were worth $574 million, down 33.79% in the 30 days tracked.

    Finally, the NFT series called Cryptopunks is also a $1 billion NFT project, as it has $1.33 billion in sales today. There are 10,000 Cryptopunks in total and 2,980 unique owners (addresses) own Cryptopunk NFT according to Dune Analytics. one entity owns about 254 or 2.54% of the entire Cryptopunks NFT collection.

    Out of 1.33 billion USD in sales, 4,948 traders were counted by dappradar.com’s metrics. So far, the total sales of Opensea, Axie Infinity and Cryptopunk projects are $10.35 billion.

    Records from dune.xyz also indicate that $8.53 billion or 3,100,960 ether sales have been made in various ethereum-based NFT projects. The NFT projects listed include Cryptopunks, Art Blocks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Rarible, Meebits, Loot, and Superrare. the $8.53 billion involved 4,471,826 transactions on Ether with 6385 NFT projects.

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