• Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Arts (TODA) is hosting an NFT exhibition

  • Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Art (TODA) and Generative Gallery will host a Digital Art NFT experience. Beginning on November 23, the experience will run for over two months until February 22.

    TODA, located in Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah, is hosting a multi-dimensional art exhibition.TODA describes the event as “an immersive and non-fakeable token (NFT) experience with seven international contemporary artists.”

    Meanwhile, visitors to the two-month event in Dubai will see a large selection of NFT artworks. These works will be displayed alongside physical and digital pieces. In addition, guests will be able to purchase artwork using cryptocurrency.

    Dubai’s goal is to promote tourism and entertainment in the region. The UAE is starting to move away from the pandemic and wants to show the world that it is open for business. At the moment, NFT is massive and this is a real opportunity to boost tourism in Dubai.

    The exhibition is a combination of traditional art and the digital world.TODA aims to unite the art market with the immaterial digital world. Furthermore, they aim to include new technologies for the crypto economy.

    However, this NFT Dubai exhibition is just the beginning for TODA. In fact, they are looking forward to the future of the digital art industry.Daria Prodaevich, artistic director of ToDA, says that “there are not many places where digital art can be portrayed.”

    She continues, “In the future, ToDA will portray more digital art. This is an international exhibition with seven artists exhibiting.”

    Finally, the immersive NFT experience in Dubai includes three unique art zones.

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