• Robotos TV series for kids released through Times Studio

  • NFTs are currently ubiquitous, and now they’re coming to children’s TV. the NFT series Robotos will have its own TV series. The popular NFT series, created by artist Pablo Stanley, will be released in partnership with the iconic TIME Studios.

    TIME Studios is the Emmy Award-winning film and television production arm of the 100-year-old magazine. Time magazine is known around the world. Importantly, the influential Time Person of the Year is a huge part of pop culture.Robotos will work with the historic company to create a television series based on the Robotos NFT universe.

    Robotos is a collection of 10,000 NFTS, represented by randomly generated robot characters with over 170 unique traits.The Robotos community is massive and global. There is a lot of untapped potential here, and Time Studios recognizes that.

    In addition, each character wears metal gear, digital accessories, and a variety of exotic additions. Due to the nature of these characters, there is tremendous potential for a family-friendly Robotos TV series.

    The Robotos TV series is just the beginning

    There is actually another NFT series in the Robotos universe.Robopets are Robotos’ robotic dog and cat companions. This is interesting because Robopets can be featured in the upcoming Robotos TV series. Also, the Robotos universe is huge and already includes a large online merchandise store.

    Finally, this is an exciting move for Time Studios, which only recently launched a children’s and family division. However, there are signs that this is just the beginning for them.

    Maria Perez-Brown, the head of the division, says there is “an untapped opportunity to work with NFT creators” to bring their work to film and television.

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