• Getting land on Mars through SpaceY

  • Imagine a parallel universe where billionaire Elon Musk is considering sending a million people to Mars by 2050 for a ticket price of $200,000. By 2023, the first commercial manned spacecraft is ready to launch and Tomosaku Maezawa becomes the first person to be sent to space by SpaceX. In an announcement, Elon Musk had announced that the Big Falcon Spacecraft (BFS) will send the first volunteers to Mars in 2025. And apart from that, it will take about 32 weeks for the manned spacecraft to reach Mars.

    Since this is the first foray into Mars, it is being called as a pioneer project and experts and elite professionals from different industries will be among the first 100 volunteers to be sent to Mars. After they land on Mars, the volunteers will need to find air-dropped materials to help them build what will be their first Martian base. In that moment, humans become an interstellar species whose only goal on that inhospitable, airless, cold and red rock-filled planet is survival. That’s the theme behind SpaceY 2025, and in this article I’ve talked about SpaceY 2025 and what they hope to achieve.

    What is SpaceY 2025?

    SpaceY 2025 is an immigration themed Mars sandbox tower defense game that is based on blockchain and Non-Forgible Token (NFT) technology. It is a blockchain game created by Blockfish.The rise of NFT brings new possibilities and ideas for humanity in this digital age. The makers of the game, Blockfish, are committed to promoting the ongoing legacy of human cultural history through high quality IP+ core games and NFTs.

    SpaceY 2025 is the first tower defense game on the blockchain, where players have to defend their base on Mars from aliens who want to invade. The map is updated every moment of the new season.SpaceY has attracted interest from many popular investment firms and institutions, who have received a total of $4.62 million in private sales rounds. About 15 top companies participated in the round. Some of these companies include LINKVC, BTCCHINA, Shembo, Jidou, Fission, Shenzhou, Huaiyang, Yunyou, Lancer, Kobin, FBG, NEO ECO and many more.

    What SpaceY plans to do

    SpaceY 2025 brings together elements of popular games such as sandboxes, NFTs, tower defense and Mars, and requires players to build facilities to fight enemies and trade items, which can also include territories. The core SpaceY 2025 game is supported by 6,138 KOL players and it has over 30,000 player posts on its forums. Combining the collectible nature of NFT with the motivation to earn tokens is the game’s mechanic. This will be a source of financial motivation and entertainment for millions of players around the world.

    Our goal is to give players the game experience of a lifetime without having to put them through complicated technical or economic principles. There is a bonus pool for players where 80% of all user revenue will be used each season. 10% will be used to incentivize the team and another 10% will be used to mine the pool for increased liquidity.

    SpaceY 2025 tokens

    SpaceY’s native currency is $SPAY. it is a transferable representation of utility and governance, which is designated in SpaceY’s protocol. the SPAY token is designed to be used only as an interoperable token on the platform. the total supply of SPAY is 25,000,000 (it is limited), which will encourage participation and promote the game. The token will be used in a decentralized manner as a medium of exchange between gamers on SpaceY, and it is a non-refundable utility token. Owing SPAY does not represent a holding, right, participation or interest in the Company or other companies, businesses or undertakings. SPAY does not entitle its holder to any dividend, profit, return on investment or promise of income.

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