• Lisbon NFT demonstrates its potential for real-life marketing utility

  • Portugal’s capital is one of the most exciting cities on the planet when it comes to culture and creativity. A city that wears its innovation on its sleeve, from factory-centric new-thinking startups to homegrown club music where European and African tones collide, it has long led the way. So it makes perfect sense for Mintbase to launch a major new project here, with Lisbon’s NFTs taking technology to a new level of real life.

    All of this sounds like hyperbole, but nothing could be further from the truth. Simply put, a number of restaurants, bars and shops in the city have signed up to an experiment – accepting NFTs as payment for goods and services. They can choose their own products, create and mint non-counterfeitable tokens, and then sit back and watch as more adventurous, cryptocurrency-savvy customers come in for the experiment.

    To coincide with NEARCon (the conference for the NEAR protocol) and LisCon, the idea is to demonstrate the everyday use cases of NFT. These use cases go far beyond the creation, distribution and sale of art and other collectibles. This has been the most eye-catching reason for the Unforgivable event, at least for this year.

    How do NFTs in Lisbon work?

    The project started with the corporate onboarding of Mintbase. Through the partnership, each participating organization created a NEAR wallet, decided on NFT content, and created tokens. These tokens were then given away for free. Recipients simply find the address linked to their tokens and redeem them.

    Examples include Mata, a plant shop and bar. Here, NFTs can be exchanged for vases and cocktails. Elsewhere, graffiti shop Crackids offers spritzers and drinks at its on-site bar. Meanwhile, food and beer are available at The Couch Sports Bar.

    Mintbase tries to prove a point with multiple modes of working. To put it bluntly, “the possibilities of this technology are endless: imagine a decentralized world where there are no middlemen and everyone can create their own business models and have complete control over the value they generate.” It’s safe to say that at NFTEvening, we have a similar vision.

    For more information about Mintbase

    If you’re not familiar with Mintbase, no problem – let’s get acquainted. The company is a global platform dedicated to helping anyone create NFTs. that sounds like a lot of other setups. But the difference here is that this platform is aimed at people who don’t understand the technology.

    As such, it is favored by musicians, artists, event promoters, and others who work outside of the cryptocurrency space, but can clearly benefit from it.

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