• Mr. Beast invests in blockchain-based game MetaWars

  • MetaWars had built a large community prior to its launch. This high profile attracted recognition and investment from Mr. Beast.

    Attracting investors for a new blockchain gaming project is not difficult. Attracting investors for new gaming projects, while being world famous with over 70 million followers worldwide, is definitely a rarity. However, that’s exactly what MetaWars has achieved, confirming that giant YouTube star Mr. Beast has personally invested in their super new space odyssey adventure game that’s about to enter the cryptocurrency market.

    One can see why Mr. Beast, who runs his own gaming channel under his huge influence, is interested.

    The play-to-earn model is revolutionizing the gaming market. The integration of blockchain technology is quickly being seen as the way forward, however, its implementation is complex and requires a lot of planning and careful consideration.

    MetaWars is a project that is driving the play-to-earn model and has done so through a carefully considered design. The project aims to integrate blockchain and NFTs into the core of the game mechanics.

    MetaWars and the NFT in-game asset model

    MetaWars is a new online game that uses a play first, earn later model. The game has been designed around blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFT from the start. Every asset and resource that players use in the game universe is backed by NFT.

    By backing all items in the game with NFT, players will be able to trade these items on the MetaWars marketplace. The game will have a dynamic economy that is player driven and fair. Everyone can verify the NFT through the blockchain explorer for a transparent player experience.

    MetaWars has a dual token economy. First, $WARS tokens are used as a governance tool, a wagering asset, for NFT auctions, and to earn rewards. Second, $GAM tokens are used to buy upgrades, get booster packs, and access exclusive events. Together, these two tokens will create the game’s economy.

    MetaWars has taken a closer look at its blockchain integration and game mechanics. All three crypto assets – NFTs, $WARS and $GAM – are designed to reinforce each other. The game has been built around blockchain technology from the start to create a valuable and fair gaming experience.

    Mr. Beast has personally invested in MetaWars

    The cryptocurrency space is all about community, and having a prominent endorsement is one way for people to learn about a project and judge its seriousness. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts know that the best indicator to assess the potential success of any new project is community engagement.

    MetaWars had already built a large community prior to its launch. This high visibility attracted recognition and investment from Mr. Beast. The popular YouTube channel is one of the top 20 channels on the platform, and Mr. Beast is a personal content creator who has amassed over 71 million subscribers and over 9 billion total views.

    His involvement with MetaWars will certainly bring new attention to the game. Moreover, it will also provide momentum to the audience already engaged with the game. It’s impressive to see a project attract so much attention even before it launches.

    The future of MetaWars

    The project is holding an NFT auction for early backers. The event starts on the 21st and ends on October 27th.The Binance smart chain is the network for the event and participants need BNB coins to participate in the auction.

    Also on the 27th, the Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place. Again, tokens will be available on PancakeSwap for those who want to mark their calendars.MetaWars is a gaming and cryptocurrency project to watch. It offers a unique cryptocurrency-based game mechanic and has received some major support.

    Mr. Beast’s direct investment is a major boost at a crucial time, with the NFT auction and TGE campaign now set to garner more attention. More new developments can be expected from MetaWars in the near future.

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