• Golden Grandmother NFT Series Coming Soon, Supporting Emerging Artists

  • An unforgettable collection of 10,000 Golden Grandmother NFTs is coming to the ethereum blockchain. Yes, the creator of this project is indeed a grandmother! Her name is Mary Susan.

    Grandma Mary Susan is launching her first-ever NFT project with a real purpose – to help sponsor her grandson’s music career. Having been around for 93 years means Grandma has a lot of connections, so this collection will feature her friends as cool NFTs with over 270 possible features, including expressions, headwear, costumes, accessories and more. Some will be rarer than others, of course.

    We all know that Grandma is incredibly kind and charitable, so by purchasing Grandma’s NFT, buyers will also receive a host of exclusive perks that will also increase over time. Once 10% of the NFTs are sold, early adopters will receive 10 free Golden Granny NFTs; at 20%, a private chat room will be unlocked; at 50%, a YouTube channel will be released with uplifting tunes; at 80%, a Golden Granny merchandise store will be launched with limited edition t-shirts, hoodies and other goodies; and finally at 100%, the goal will be achieved, meaning Mary Susan’s grandson will have his own music label

    The team behind the project works in the music industry and NFT was created to give emerging artists around the world a chance. The profits generated from sales will allow the team to sign artists, produce albums, and give visibility to all talented artists and producers of all genres.

    Golden Granny is a worldwide family, with team members from all over the world and an ambition to reach out to all nationalities. The launch date has yet to be confirmed, so in the meantime get your ETH ready and let’s support the artists and musicians of this world through the power of NFTs!

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