• NFT asset ownership in the UAE is twice the global average

  • According to a study of 28,000 people conducted by finder.com, the percentage of people in the UAE who own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is more than twice the global average.

    23% of UAE citizens own at least one NFT

    According to the survey, 23% of UAE residents own at least one NFT, which surveyed 1,004 people in the country. The global average NFT ownership rate was found to be 11.7%. The UAE ranked fourth on the list, behind the Philippines (32%), Thailand (27%) and Malaysia (27%). With the exception of the UAE, NFT ownership was found to be higher in low-income countries. The U.S. finished second to last on the survey list, with only 2.8 percent of Americans owning NFTs.

    43% of people in the UAE are aware of the non-counterfeitable tokens

    The survey conducted revealed that nearly half (43%) of respondents from the UAE know what NFTs are and 11.5% plan to own NFTs in the future.

    Men are more likely to own NFTs than women in most countries surveyed, with the exception of Thailand and Venezuela.NFTs are digital assets linked to a public blockchain ledger to determine their scarcity and irreproducibility. All sorts of digital things, from images and artwork to video game items, are listed for sale on several NFT platforms.

    In March, a digital artwork titled The First 5,000 Days by an artist named Beeple sold for $69.3 million at Christie’s, making it one of the most expensive NFT auctions at the time.

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