• UAE Postal Department announces its own NFT stamps

  • To celebrate the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Emirates Postal Group (EPG) is launching a set of NFT stamps.

    EPG will issue four unique stamps on December 2 to highlight the importance of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee. These stamps are linked to their physical counterparts.

    To celebrate the history of the UAE, the first stamp is titled “Golden Jubilee 2021”. It is the rarest of the four NFTs and contains one gram of fine gold. Secondly, the “Spirit of the Union – 1971” NFT stamp commemorates the founding fathers of the country. In addition, the third stamp is known as ‘Year 50 – 2021’. Finally, the fourth stamp, ‘The 50th’s Project – 2071’, represents the UAE’s vision of the future.

    Commenting on the announcement, the CEO of Emirates Post Group, Abdulla Mohammed Alashram said, “We are proud to announce the launch of the first NFT stamp in the region that utilises blockchain technology. We are bridging the gap between the world of traditional stamps and digital cryptocurrencies.”

    NFT stamps are not a novelty

    It is by no means a novelty item for EPG. While the stamp depicts the history and milestones of the UAE, it has a lot more to offer. In fact, they see the project as a first step towards the integration of a “digital-centric” approach to the country’s future behavior.

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